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Jessica Villeneuve Photo

Jessica Villeneuve

School Consultant and Events Director

I began teaching at the high school level with a passion for awakening an understanding of justice, diversity and global issues in young people. My path towards Restorative Practices began after I brought Restorative Justice into the high school community to target issues of inequity and conflict. From there, I began to present to a wider audience on the powerful impact of these processes. I expanded the restorative model as an administrator, training teachers to implement restorative approaches in their classrooms and thereby decreasing behavior referrals and increasing the strength of the learning community. In the role of school administrator, I was able to work closely with families and community stakeholders to repair harms and work towards restoring relationships. For the past two years, I’ve been an elementary school Principal.

As someone who has taken on a wide range of roles in schools, from tutor to teacher to principal, I bring a deep understanding of the complex challenges facing schools today and am able to bring empathy and understanding to my work. I can be an especially effective support to those in leadership and I hope to share experience and skills in empowering others to lead dynamically, with compassion and heart

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