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Camille Koosmann Photo

Camille Koosmann

School Coach-Trainer and Materials Specialist

Camille is a restorative practitioner, trainer, and coach who has been in the field of restorative practices since graduating from Champlain College in 2016. She has seen firsthand the impact that a restorative approach has on building and maintaining caring, responsive, and connected communities. Camille has worked applying restorative approaches in many settings, most recently in K-12 schools throughout Vermont. Her passion for restorative practices stems from working alongside youth and educators in creating transformational change in classrooms and school communities. Camille formerly led the Restorative Practices in Schools program for the Franklin Grand Isle Restorative Justice Center, serving as the schoolwide restorative practices coordinator for Bakersfield Elementary Middle School as well as providing support, training, and coaching to 9 other schools in Franklin and Grand Isle counties. Independently, she has worked with other restorative practitioners and schools across the state. She brings a background in communication and conflict management as well as a specialization in resource development to her role as the materials specialist for Starling Collaborative. 

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