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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

As you can tell from our team's profiles we are NOT a racially diverse team. We believe that white facilitators have an important role in preparing majority white schools, like those in Vermont, to do their own work so they can more effectively apply the learning offered by a person of color working for anti-racism and equity. When a school is ready, we connect with our network of BIPOC partners to offer the next piece of work in this journey towards becoming equity-centered schools. To this end we offer: 


Building Brave Spaces 


It's nearly impossible to ask educators to speak up and interrupt racism and other forms of oppression and marginalization when the school culture makes it difficult to voice even their own needs. We work with educators on "progressive risk taking" —how to slowly develop the capacity and skill needed to speak up and speak out. We teach them how to bring this model of developing a brave space back to their classrooms and spaces.


The Inner Work of Equity  


Equity work can not happen if the folks involved have not done their own personal work. Simply put, until we surface and examine our own bias, shame, and identity based trauma we cannot stay grounded and present in the difficult conversations that count with colleagues and youth. This work is mindfulness based work focused developing the equanimity needed to stay grounded in difficult conversations, and healing our individual and collective trauma and shame related to marginalization, oppression and violence. 


Circling Up for Identity-Based Harm


This is an advanced training designed for school and community based professionals charged with addressing harm restoratively. In this workshop you will explore and practice this very powerful, important and nuanced work that can create additional harm if not done well.


Please write to if you'd like to learn more. 

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