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Starling Collaborative Group Facilitation

Our Approach & Services

Because each school/organization has different assets, needs and goals, we believe an implementation plan or training design should be flexible and responsive to emergent needs. Our approach does not come out of a box but out of principles applied to the lived realities of the schools we serve.

We use a holistic restorative approach that integrates the interdependent strands of mindfulness, equity, social emotional learning and trauma-informed care and leverages the knowledge of experts in the interconnected fields in Vermont and beyond. Our training and support is experiential and grounded in Dialogue Education and Improvement Science principles and practices.

Whole School Restorative Implementation

The implementation journey is never linear and never the same for each school. Click learn more to discover the parts of the process that we partner with schools on to do this work well.

Restorative Community of Care, Dignity & Accountability

We train teachers and leaders in activities and pedagogy that develop the skill, motivation and capacity youth and adults need to name, acknowledge and repair harm AND be actively and meaningfully engaged in the learning community.

Restorative Responses to Harm

Responses to Harm Training and Restorative Conflict Resolution.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

When a school is ready, we connect with our network of BIPOC partners to offer the next piece of work in this journey towards becoming equity-centered schools. 

Additional Services and Offerings

Explore our resources website and learn about our teacher and leader retreats.

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