Our Vision: Starling Collaborative works with schools, organizations and innovative thought partners to build communities of care, dignity and accountability where ALL members can thrive.

Our approach...

The Starling Collaborative arose out of a shared passion for creating spaces for leading, learning and working where everyone feels seen and heard, is treated with dignity and contributes meaningfully to shared goals.

Our work is based on the understanding that if we all experience safety, belonging, voice and respect we can thrive as learners, employees and leaders and help others to thrive as well. This belief informs everything we do, from assessing your strengths and listening to your unique needs, to building the capacity within your organization to thrive on your own.

Our team approach leverages improvement science and the power of "street data" to motivate change from the ground up. We weave the interdependent strands of restorative practices, equity, trauma-informed, mindfulness and social emotional well being to build cultures that are life-giving, not life-draining. We use a holistic restorative approach to support the shift from deficit- to strengths-based thinking and from a punitive to a restorative mindset.

Our approach...

  • Centers student voice to inform district and school plans for building and sustaining restorative culture and climate and identifying the needs and aspirations of our youth.

  • Examines all work through the distinct but interconnected lenses of anti-racism, equity, trauma-informed practices, mindfulness and social emotional learning.

  • Disrupts the "breathless quality" of school culture where productivity can often prevail over wellness and equity by applying the Balance in the Process to everything we do.

  • Uses data to inform decision making, professional learning, and measure implementation fidelity and impact.

  • Integrates restorative implementation with your existing initiatives and programs to strengthen staff buy-in, engagement and sustainability of the work.

  • Creates robust structures and/or revises existing ones to hold the work in sustainable and equitable ways, i.e. teams, procedures, communications, processes, pedagogy.

Our team...

Our team and connected partners create a passionate and diverse group, offering expertise in the areas of: mindfulness, trauma informed care, restorative justice, restorative pedagogy and leadership, equity, relational play, social emotional learning. For more about our team and partners visit here.

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Executive Director